Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some picture highights - Part Three

I'm so disappointed - I've somehow managed to delete many of our Texas photos from my camera! Grr.....

Anyhoo - we had a great night at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Tyler, Don Juan's. We invited people to come by and were so excited to see so many of our sweet Tyler friends. The whole visit in Texas was bittersweet, in some ways we felt like we'd never left.

Josie and Heidi:
Avery, Ainsley, Katie and Ann-Elizabeth:
Gracie, Hope and Samuel:
Josie, Mary Ella and Abigail:
Sarah, Meggie and Micah:
The group having fun and some GOOD food!
Ann-Terese and moi:
Josie greeting "Uncle" Donnie:
Ellie and Miss Sarah:
Donnie and Dugald:
Meggie and Sarah:
Laura and me:
The Cottons with the girls and me:
Samuel, Ellie, Abbie and Michael:

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